kraibald (kraibald) wrote in doxiadis,

rules and clarifications

To be a member, is to automatically be a district governor. Members are encouraged, but not required to construct their district as a description of a physical manifestation of their own personal culture, likes and dislikes. If you wish to use this forum, to address the technological, scientific, and/or magical issues required to upkeep and maintain an ecumenopolis, feel free. You are a braver person than me. Feel free to bring in any aspect of popular culture you see fit. In other words if you want to have the Rolling Stones put on a concert, or Gordon Gekko run a business in your district, feel free. The whole point is to get a better understanding of your likes, and dislikes. The only bans will be on real world religon and politics. After all this should be an escape from the real world. When posting a description of your district, please tag it to the name of your district, for organizational purposes.
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