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doxiadis's Journal

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Ecumenoplois is a world city, not unlike Coruscant, Cybertron, Ravnica, Trantor et al. I Doxiadis have declared myself to be High Supreme Global Overlord (after all I downloaded the userpics and stuff.) I being a benevolant ruler will bequeath districts to be governed. These governors will mold and describe their districts as they see fit. They maybe as bland or bizarre, fantastic, anachronistic, or contemporary as the governor likes. One rule, no religon or politics, this is designed to be an escape from the real world, not a reflection of it. Governors feel free to be creative, blow off steam, whatever, but no declaring war on other districts. Try to describe your district both physically, and culturally, and describe what if anything your district adds to the overall welfare of Ecumenopolis. Also feel free to post links to any science, fiction, or art pertaining to world cities, or ecumenopolies, because as you might be able to tell at this point, I find the subject fascinating.