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more about Promacon

The seat of government is located at the center of the world library. The world Library is a metropolitan sized library containing every fact and fiction, truth and lie that anyone has ever deemed fit to put on paper, both for Doxiadis, and countless other worlds. The seat of government contains the office of the global overlord. His sole purpose is to appoint district governors, and mediate problems between districts. He has a legion of travelling mediators to help him with the latter.
Also located at the seat of government is the district court, and high court. The district court handles crimes and problems committed in Promacon. The High Court deals with more global issues, and inter-district crimes. The philosophy of the district court is that any crime can be traced to a lack of common sense somewhere. Those found to be lacking common sense if not morals, are subject to berating of scathing sarcasm the likes of which would put Dr. Gregory House to shame. This continues until the accused is reduced to a whimpering pile of contrition. Then the court proceeds to sentencing.

The library is tended to by a race of beings whose sole purpose is to tend the library. They average about seven feet tall. They rarely speak with those outside their own race. They are referred to as The Librarians, because noone knows what they call themselves. Their lifespan is unknown to outsiders, but each one knows where in the library anything is (or should be) located, off the top of their head. It is therefore assumed, that each lives at least long enough to memorize every nook and cranny of the city-sized library.
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